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              150 Years and Still
              Nothing Better In the Market

              2020 Annual Report

              As we mark our 150th year, we take time to pause and consider the many people, places, and products of Brown-Forman, and our continuing ability to deliver on our corporate ambition so aptly described as “Nothing Better In The Market.”

              This ambition has allowed us to successfully navigate through many industry, economic, and geopolitical challenges, and changes over the span of 15 decades, from world wars and U.S. Prohibition to recessions and global crises. Through it all, the promise first made by our founder, George Garvin Brown, and inscribed on every bottle of Old Forester since 1870, has guided our growth and performance.
              When facing the unpredictable, our culture of collaboration and inclusion ensures that we endure. This holds true in the creative, resilient, and exemplary response of our employees to the COVID-19 pandemic. There is “Nothing Better in the Market” than the character of our people.

              As our portfolio and geographies become more diverse, so do our employees, consumers, and communities. Our long tradition of being responsible in everything we do keeps us steadfast in our efforts to promote alcohol responsibility and advance environmental sustainability. We believe our continued, thoughtful, long-term perspective, coupled with our diverse, inclusive, and caring culture, serve us today and will serve the generations that follow. There is “Nothing Better in the Market” than our values and our culture.

              Whether it’s a flavorful whiskey on the rocks, a favorite cocktail crafted with one of our many fine spirits, or an expressive glass of wine, our products are present during some of life’s important moments. They are part of bringing people together in times of celebration, as well as quiet moments of reflection. There is “Nothing Better in the Market” than our brands.

              When we look back at all that we have accomplished in the last 150 years and where we stand today, we take pride in both our performance and our potential. Our ambition for Brown-Forman is a journey we are always on, constantly striving and continually discovering new ways to make ourselves, our brands, and our company even better. There is “Nothing Better in the Market” than Brown-Forman— yesterday, today, tomorrow, and for generations to come.