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              Contact Us

              For brand related inquiries,
              please contact us through our branded websites.

              For press inquiries, please contact:
              Elizabeth Conway
              Director, External Communications
              email:?[email protected]

              For investor relations inquiries, please contact:
              Leanne Cunningham
              Shareholder Relations Officer
              email:?[email protected]

              For community relations inquiries, please contact:
              Email: [email protected]

              For general company inquiries, please contact:
              [email protected]

              For communications to the Board of Directors*:
              Brown-Forman stockholders and other interested parties may communicate in writing with Brown-Forman’s directors as a group or non-management directors as a group by sending such written communications to:
              Matthew E. Hamel
              General Counsel
              850 Dixie Highway
              Louisville, Kentucky 40210
              email:?[email protected]

              Calls regarding Mail-In Rebates

              Anonymous Code of Conduct and Compliance Helpline