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              Community Relations


              We seek to enrich life within and outside Brown-Forman, and contributing to our communities is an important way we bring this purpose to life. This year we updated our community relations vision to reflect a new ambition: Leverage our company culture of giving back to deliver transformative community impact as a best-in-class philanthropic leader.

              Giving by the Numbers

              Our long history and deep roots in Louisville, Kentucky make our hometown city our main focus, although we make community investments across our global locations, especially where we have a production presence.

              Two men walking on a path in a Louisville park

              As a major local employer for more than a century, Louisville remains at the center of our philanthropic efforts. On a global scale, more than 30 of our production and regional offices around the globe have Civic Engagement Committees that determine how to best allocate funding to meet community needs. We’re especially active in Lynchburg, Tennessee, where Jack Daniel’s whiskey is made, and in Amatitán, Mexico, where our Casa Herradura tequila distillery is located.

              $10Million total monetary contributions from the Corporation, and


              distributed from the Brown-Forman Foundation

              In 2018, we established a charitable foundation whose annual proceeds will provide a consistent revenue stream for charitable giving, for generations to come, independent of the company’s yearly earnings. Charitable contributions are divided between the foundation and the traditional annual corporate budget process.

              Brown-Forman employees volunteering services for the community

              Our employees have strong connections to their communities, and we foster these close relationships. Through opportunities to volunteer and donate, our people receive greater fulfilment by supporting those in need.

              800Employees volunteered approximately 16,000 hours
              130Employees serving on
              non-profit boards

              Responding to COVID-19

              In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Brown-Forman donated approximately $2 million to relief efforts. Included in this contribution were gifts to the United States Bartenders Guild (USBG) Foundation Emergency Assistance Program, the Restaurant Workers’ Community Foundation COVID-19 Crisis Relief Fund, and the One Louisville: COVID-19 Response Fund. Additional contributions focused on global relief efforts, supporting organizations such as BarBack, The Drinks Trust, The Liquid Society, Hospital La Paz, and more.

              In addition, our production teams produced hand sanitizer before partnering with manufacturers to provide enough ethanol to produce 40 million 6 oz. units of sanitizer per month. Local teams assembled and delivered nearly 70,000 meals to soup kitchens and homeless shelters in Louisville as well as countless hours of volunteerism. Many of our brand and sales teams have extended our reach by leading their own localized responses and giving.

              Employee Volunteerism Spotlight — Homestart Westminster

              There are countless examples of our employees’ commitment to volunteerism around the world. One example is the long-time partnership between our U.K. sales team and HomeStart Westminster, a local charity that supports families with children who are facing difficulties and are in need of friendship. For the past eight years, this team has partnered with HomeStart Westminster to provide both emotional support and practical help. Every summer, the U.K. sales team organizes a trip to the London Zoo, providing lunch, gifts and activities. At Christmas, they organize a children’s party with entertainment, food and gifts. In addition, the team partners with HomeStart year-round, organizing a number of collections of toys, clothes, and food for the families served.

              Cover of the 2020 Annual Report2020 Annual and CR Report

              2020 Annual and CR Report
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